Wisdom Teeth Removal in Bakersfield, CA
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Signs of human evolution can be seen clearly in this day and age. It has been clearly documented that a large percentage of modern day man does not develop wisdom teeth any longer, as they are no longer necessary for his existence. Of those who do still develop these teeth, a great number do not completely erupt or do not erupt at all.

This is called having an impacted wisdom tooth and it can cause great pain. The incidence of infections surrounding wisdom teeth is high, because it is very difficult to reach right to the back of one’s mouth either with a toothbrush or with dental floss to properly clean the area and, in the case of a partially erupted tooth, the gum tissue at the site will most probably develop a pocket and become inflamed, leaving the area wide open to food becoming lodged and from there it is one easy step to infection. The only solution is to have it removed, so if you are suffering and need wisdom teeth removal in Bakersfield, CA, call us at Sunshine Family Dentistry so that we can remedy the problem.

The dentists who do wisdom teeth removal in Bakersfield, CA, operate at the Sunshine Family Dentistry practice and are well accustomed to removing wisdom teeth. The first step in the procedure will be to establish if there is an infection and, if there is, a course of antibiotics will be prescribed. Once the course of tablets has been completed and the infection has cleared up, the next step will be to take X-rays to determine exactly where the tooth is lying in relation to your other teeth and to see if, for example, the tooth has fused to the jaw bone. It is not uncommon for wisdom teeth that have not erupted to lie horizontally along the jaw bone and for them to grow crown first into the adjacent tooth. Less commonly, wisdom teeth may partially erupt on the palate or be placed deep in the jaw and press against the roots of the seventh molar.

In general, wisdom teeth have evolved from being strong molars with three or even four roots to smaller teeth where all the roots have fused, thus making the extraction a relatively simple operation. Even if the tooth has more than one root, removal is not complicated and there will be minimal bone damage. It is only in very unusual cases that a patient nowadays is referred to a maxillo-facial oral surgeon to remove wisdom teeth that are too problematic for a family dentist to extract. We are also one of the premiere childrens dentist in Bakersfield.