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At Sunshine Family Dentistry we treat your child as one of our own, because it is important that children - and their parents - feel relaxed when they come for their appointments. We are a practice with a pediatric dentist in Bakerfield, CA; and we cannot stress enough the importance of your child’s dental health.

It is not commonly known, but you should start taking your baby to the dentist for the first time by its first birthday, or when the first tooth erupts. This serves three purposes. Firstly, at that age they are unaware of some of the negative press dentists get and therefore have no fear. Secondly, a quick dental check of the mouth and tooth or teeth will give a pretty good idea of the child’s state of health and dental prognosis for the future. Thirdly, it also gives the dentist a chance to inform and guide the parent on how to care for the child’s teeth.

There are certain basic steps you, as a parent, have to take to ensure the health of your child’s teeth. Early Childhood Caries (also known as Nursing Caries or Baby Bottle Tooth Decay) can begin just as soon as a baby is weaned off the breast or starts eating anything other than milk. In order to prevent decay from developing, one must begin a tooth brushing routine twice daily, using a baby toothbrush together with fluoride toothpaste. The toothbrushes are readily available and are sized according to age; and the toothpastes are equally easy to obtain. One need only use a tiny amount of toothpaste on the first teeth, slowly building up to a pea-sized blob when all the primary teeth have erupted.

Babies should never be put down to sleep with a bottle containing anything but water, to ensure that your cleaning ritual is not torpedoed, as milk or juice left in the mouth will most certainly cause dental caries.

Another reason for you to bring your child to a kids’ dentist in Bakerfield, CA – if you live in the City of Bakersfield – is if your baby sucks its thumb. Most kids do, but generally stop of their own accord by the age of two years. If your child has not stopped this habit by then, it could cause problems later on by pushing the upper front teeth forward and the lower front teeth backwards, thereby creating a malformed bite which may have to be corrected by an orthodontist with the use of braces.

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