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The dental health and care of your children is paramount as they grow up. Many factors must be taken into account as their jaws grow, in order to prevent greater oral problems in later life. Every member of our staff at Sunshine Family Dentist in Bakersfield, CA, is well qualified to deal with children – and we treat them in calm surroundings with special attention to their individual needs.

In order for your child to grow up without any fear of dentists or dentistry, you need to start bringing him/her to a children’s dentist in Bakersfield, CA, to have a dental check up from the time the first tooth appears, or no later than one year of age, so that developmental factors can be assessed and tabs kept on potential problem areas.

It is imperative that the primary (milk or baby) teeth remain in place until the permanent teeth are ready to erupt, so that their speech is not impaired and they are able to chew their food properly; and in order to avoid orthodontic problems later on. If a child loses a primary tooth too early, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth will move to close the gap and there will not be enough space for the permanent tooth to erupt. As a consequence, the permanent tooth will be pushed out of alignment and extraction of teeth and/or a brace may then be needed to bring the tooth into its rightful position in the mouth. If there is no other alternative and your child has to lose a tooth, a special brace may be attached to the teeth on either side of the extraction site to keep the space open for when the permanent tooth is ready to erupt.

In order to prevent an extraction, it is possible to cover fissures found in a child’s molars with a special sealant so that decay does not form in these crevasses. This type of preventative measure should last for many years. If decay is found and the child has toothache, a pulpotomy may have to be performed to remove the pulp (or nerve) from the tooth, whereupon a sedative is then place in the cavity and either a filling or a metal crown completes the process to save the tooth until it is lost naturally.

If you are looking for a children’s dentist in Bakersfield, CA, do not hesitate to contact us at Sunshine Family Dentist, Family Dentist in Bakersifled, as we guarantee that your child’s dental health will be our priority.